Monday, April 23, 2012

Andrés Armijo announces the premiere of his latest work titled:  
So that it may be validated:  Family History in the Río Abajo

A 24 page survey of family history and genealogy in the Río Abajo, this booklet was funded in part by an individual grant from the Historical Society of New Mexico, with additional support from the New Mexico Musical Heritage Project, and personal funds from the author. 

Armijo provides a survey of family history, primary source documents and genealogy to illustrate “people’s history.” With the combined use of oral history interviews from family and community members, vintage and contemporary photography, and primary source documents from family collections, archives and libraries, Armijo illustrates Nuevo Mexicano family history within a regional context:  that of the Río Abajo, or lower Río Grande valley of New Mexico.
This educational booklet is available in a Limited Edition for community centers, senior citizen centers, public libraries and historical societies, while copies last.
Award winning author of:
“Becoming a Part of My History:
Through Images & Stories of My Ancestors
Albuquerque:  LPD Press / Río Grande Books 2010