Thursday, February 14, 2013

Hello Everyone,

I haven't had a second to update my blog.  I hope that everyone is doing productive, creative and personally meaningful things whether it be in genealogy, family history research, dance, film, and all kinds of creative and artistic expressions.

I have been busy completing a chapter for my book that will be released this year, 2013. This particular chapter deals with the life of an ancestor - a great-great grandmother and historical documents written about her.  I am contextualizing her life story based on the extant primary sources about her.  Historically, many women's life stories have been relegated to margins, to end notes, to courtesy mentions in writing.  I hope to illuminate aspects of her life.  As a teaser, this is a satellite image of the land that she owned circa 1880 in Jarales, New Mexico.  Yes, women inherited, owned, bought and sold, and worked land throughout the Spanish Colonial Period, the Mexican Period, and the Territorial Period of New Mexico's history.

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