Sunday, July 27, 2014

Thank you all for joining me at my recent presentation for the New Mexico Genealogical Society

Andrés Armijo, center with family historians Stella Luján and Ruby Cochrell on July 19, 2014 at the Genealogy Collection at The Albuquerque Public Library. Photo courtesy Ruby Cochrell.


  1. I missed your presentation as I live out of state. Would you consider uploading your presentation to your blog page? Would love to see it. Thanks for your contribution to NM genealogy research!

  2. Hi, and thank you for your kind message. I don't any type of print out of my presentation unfortunately. What I do in my presentations is try to tailor it to each venue, according to what suggestions I may get from the organizer, or a particular topic. Because my presentations are each distinct, I pull information from both of my published books and present accordingly. I'm sorry I don't have a handout, but again, this is how I present, according to the venue and topic, and then I quote and highlight particular aspects from my books. At the last NMGS meeting, I presented on some aspects of coal mining communities, soundscapes, language, Spanish language radio, a little on vernacular photography etc. Speaking of, there is a downloadable folio of the history of New Mexican vernacular photography on my blog. I did create this as a supplement to my first book "Becoming a part of my history: through Images and stories of my ancestors" (LPD Press / Río Grande Books, 2010) for a presentation I did on vernacular photography at the New Mexico History Museum in January 2014. Please download a copy. Thank you, Andrés