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Friday, August 10, 2012


Within Me

My expression of my genealogical and family history research began to take many forms long before I published my first book Becoming a Part of My History: Through Images & Stories of My Ancestors. I was certainly interested in the actual archival process of genealogy and designing and organizing my documents, pedigree charts and family group charts, but as my archive grew, and being a creative person, I needed to think more intensively about how I was going to form all of this content.  (An interesting note here, a good read on the relationships of the "form" and the "content" can be illuminated by historian Hayden White in some of his theoretical essays from which I drew a great deal of inspiration)  Anyways, as I explained in Becoming a Part of My History, I knew there was much more to my journey than just the actual research.  The family artifacts, material culture and certainly vintage photos were always inspiring, motivating, and they were begging for me to draw them to the forefront.  In deciding how to compile all of this, make sense of it to myself and to my public, I wrote vignettes, created photo essays and produced short films focusing on my journey of the research of my family history.  I did a great deal of writing - vignettes, treatments, and even scripts.  I had found another medium through which to express my passion for family history and created a 33 minute video titled Within Me .  This is a trailer of the video.  This piece, and my other published work can be researched by clicking the Within Me links, and through Libros at UNM Libraries, and viewed at the Center for Southwest Research.


Review by Gene Grant, July 6, 2005, 7:57 p.m.
From website of that date
"Musings of the Dreadlocked Flaneur"

"Within Me," A Name Is More Thank A Name...when it comes to this state.  A very nicely done documentary by Andrés Armijo about his relationship with his late father...and more. He set the tone nicely with a well researched history of the Armijo and Candelaria names and their respective relationship here in ABQ.  Weaving that with his Dad, an Armijo, mad it interesting every step of the way.  Glad to meet Andrés out in the lobby.  For any son, this is a really good experience."  Gene Grant from the website July 6, 2005, 7:57 p.m.

Friday, May 25, 2012

The Hubbell House Alliance in partnership with Bernalillo County Open Space
presents a New Mexico Statehood Centennial Celebration

Cien Años Después en Cine – 100 Years Later in film - Saturday night June 2nd @ 8pm

   Outdoor Film Series:
"Movies Under the Stars"   

Contemporary films by local producers offering visual expression of culture, traditions, and history of NM rural communities.

documentary film by Cynthia J. Gómez      
documentary film by Samuel Sisneros    
documentary film by Andrés Armijo
Short trailer for "Within Me" by Andrés Armijo

   Saturday, June 2, 2012 @ 8pm   
at the Gutiérrez Hubbell House
6029 Isleta SW Abq. NM 87105 (2.5 miles south of Río Bravo Boulevard)

FREE! (donations accepted) - bring your folding chair or blanket - filmmakers present

For more information, email  505 244-0507 or or call 314-0398 or visit:                                                                                                  
LAND WATER PEOPLE TIME by Cynthia Gómez is a documentary film about cultural and environmental loss and preservation in Northern New Mexico. Across the landscape of Northern New Mexico, people speak about the relationship between people, place and time. Set in a complex 500 year history of Intertribal relations and European colonialism. Negotiating raiding and barter; periods of famine, abundance and disease; international and civil wars and peace – the survival of people often resulted in cultural blending of Native Americans, Spanish, Black and Anglo people with their natural environments. The film allows the viewer to witness for themselves, a simple yet meaningful sensibility of natural surroundings, personal and intergenerational history, and the people that sustain those cultures celebrated in Northern New Mexico. Cynthia Jeannette Gómez, Producer. Daniel Valerio, Producer. David Lindblom, Director.

THE OTHER SIDE OF THE FENCE is an eleven-minute documentary, by Samuel Sisneros tells the story of a family from Los Lentes, New Mexico and how it shares a common ancestry and history with Isleta Pueblo. Through image and dialogue, the video gives local representation towards the understanding of larger social issues that take place in many New Mexican communities involving race, family history, and cultural and social boundaries.

WITHIN ME is a thirty-three minute documentary film by Andrés Armijo reflecting his family history, his relationship with his father, and issues of identity. This personal portrait is told with photographs, letters, home movies and genealogical research of a family with roots in Albuquerque.