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Monday, December 3, 2012

According to my publisher's catalog - LPD Press / Río Grande Books, my first publication "Becoming a Part of My History:  Through Images & Stories of My Ancestors" is ranked 9th Most Popular Genealogy Reference, #32 New Mexico History, and #78 Southwest History on  Very excited indeed.

My next work is expected to be out in early 2013 titled "Por Constancia / So that it may be validated:  Family History in the Río Abajo".  I'll keep you posted.

Here is one of the blurbs for praise and criticism that can be found on the back cover of my first book:

In viewing photos of nuevomexicanos held in the NationalArchives, I was always struck by the fact that the names of the subjects werenever included; they were identified dryly as “Spanish American women bakingbread,” or “Spanish American male driving a wagon.” Impersonal, deracinated,objectified. Andrés Armijo's visual chronicle of his familia is a response tothat colonizing act of reduction. With a profound sensibility of love andrespect, he unfolds before our eyes and our hearts the history of his clan inthis splendid book that comprises a blend of historical fact, physicaldescription, cultural analysis, existential musings and, of course, photographsthat record names and details, thus rendering his ancestors flesh and bloodagents in the making of their familial and cultural history. In sharing thisvery personal album, Armijo eschews the potential sentimentality or narcissismof journeys of self-discovery as he strives to understand his place in abroader collective history that belongs not only to his family but to allnuevomexicanos. Almost two decades ago, when Andrés with his cara de ángelenrolled in one of my heritage language classes at UNM, I immediatelyrecognized a thirst for cultural knowledge rare among his peers. This jewelfulfills my intuition that his passion for his cultural legacy would lead tosomething grand.

Erlinda Gonzales-Berry
Professor Emerita University of New Mexico
and Oregon State University