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Monday, December 3, 2012

The Kimo - The King of its kind.  Magnificent.  One of the best things Alburquerque has done is replicate the original marquee on the theatre.  Southwest Art Deco.  Let's keep it lit.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Honoring individuals, family, their creativity and their personal interests & goals is important to me.  Honor, respect and memory are important ideals to me, and I have approached them fervently.  I believe that everyone is worthy of honor, and not just the famous people: celebrities, politicians, and the like.  I was very close to my sister Louise, and though my Dad had died previous to her, I felt that her death was the most devastating thing to happen to my family, despite other challenges and hardships that we, as all families have experienced, had suffered.  To loose a sibling, whom I was so close to, was a very odd and difficult thing to experience.  As such, part of my mourning and grieving process was relieved in honoring her:  I created an endowed memorial scholarship at the College of Fine Arts at UNM for the Theatre Department in her name.  I raised $30,000 from family, friends and small business.  I began in 2000 and completed my goal in 2003.  There were many people who contributed and throughout the years there has been a feature story on this.  This article is from the Spring 2008 College of Fine Arts Newsletter.  My sister was a theatre major, and I wanted to help other students try to achieve what she was trying to complete.  Now her name, image, dreams of finishing her degree, and her beautiful smile will live on in lots of different ways, not only for her family, but for many people.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Madrid, New Mexico.  Took a drive after brunch with my Mom and brother on Mother's Day.  
The Coal Mine Museum and Theatre.
And no, it's not "MA drid".  It's simply Madrid, or Madrid - in English, and in Spanish, respectively.  The tonic syllable, the last syllable - <drid> 
is the same in both English and Spanish.

 View of the stage in the Theatre

 View of theatre from downstage

 The props shop at the back of the theatre

 One of two complete preserved steam locomotives in New Mexico

 View from inside the Theatre & Museum

 Coal storage and cart

 "The Executive Lounge"

 An electric locomotive

 Fun carts for the Christmas and other parades outside the service station

 Steam Locomotive

Church at Golden, NM, just south of Madrid

 Just south of Madrid

Top view of electric locomotive